Long Term Rentals (LTR) are those for a minimum of 5 sessions per calendar month


  • Short Term Rentals (STR) are all those rentals not considered LTR.
  • STR rate for regular classroom: $TT 120 per hour
  • LTR rate for regular classroom: $TT 110 per hour
  • All rent should be paid . Any outstanding rent will result in immediate eviction
  • Payment of rent is solely based on the days rented per month and by teaching session.

All other conditions apply.


  • Advertisement must be approved by the Director of the Alliance Française and must not implicate Alliance Française in any manner whatsoever.
  • Sticking of posters/banners must be approved by the Director of the Alliance Française.


  • Under no circumstances is furniture to be removed or interchanged between classrooms. Maximum per class is fifteen (15) students.
  • Classes must be conducted in the assigned classroom.
  • Any damage made to the Alliance Française property must be replaced to the satisfaction of Alliance Française.


  • Neither the Alliance Française nor its agents are liable for any loss / damage to person / property.
  • Failure to show a valid receipt (upon request) for the use of the facilities may result in immediate eviction.
  • Classrooms will not be available to teach French or English

NB: Failure to abide with the above instructions will result in immediate eviction. 

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