Enhance your business and travel opportunities in French-Speaking Countries

France is an active agent in the Caribbean region through French territories (Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy), French Overseas Department (Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyane), financing 19,55 % of the European Union funds for the region, working with CARICOM, etc. 

Americas on GlobeIn 2007, CARIFORUM signed an Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union and an office of the European Bank of Investment opened in Fort-de-France (Martinique). 

The 11th and 14th of April 2014, Martinique and Guadeloupe (French Overseas Department) became officially Associated Members of the Association of the Caribbean States (ACS). The ACS is a consultative organization for the cooperation in matters of commerce, transport, sustainable tourism… for the Caribbean area (Mexico, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, etc).

French is not in competition with English or Spanish. But speaking French is an opportunity to increase your contact within the Caribbean region, working with French speaking partners all around the world and especially in America (French speaking provinces in Canada, French Overseas Department, French Companies like Total Oil and Gas, Bouygues Construction, Vinci or Bourbon for example). French is a cultural and business language.

French is an official language of the ACS, the UN and the EU among others.

Specially tailored professional French classes for your staff members at your premises or at the Alliance Française Trinidad & Tobago.

SESSIONS                1-10 persons             11-20 persons
  • 10h                            TT$ 380/h               TT$ 475/h
  • 11 to 20 hours           TT$ 330/h               TT$ 410/h
  • more than 20 hours   TT$ 280/h               TT$ 350/h

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