Our conversation classes focus on improving conversation ability with an emphasis on proper use of French grammar, vocabulary development and pronunciation improvement in a friendly atmosphere.
They are spread over three levels (beginner, lower intermediate and upper intermediate) designed to allow learners of French to interact and communicate with their peers and native speaker tutors, based on innovative authentic documents, short films, news items, current event articles and topics of interest.

Beginners (A1/A2)  Monday |  5:15-6:45pm
Lower intermediates (B1) Wednesday| 5:15-6:45pm
Upper intermediates (B2) Tuesday & Thursday |  5:15-6:45pm

Material included
Tuitions fees: 1 day 550$TT | 2 days 850 $TT
Classes are modular, stand alone units, so you can be flexible with your attendance and still follow and gain valuable practice speaking from each class.
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