ChildrenHere at the Alliance Francaise we welcome the opportunity to plant the first seeds of French into your youngster’s heart and mind. Through a variety of techniques such as art, music, drama, poetry and games we provide students with the elements essential to build a solid foundation in the French language.

So come along with us as we continue in our journey toward learning about the French language and culture !

Materials and snacks included

Upcoming session: Sept. 12th – Nov. 26th 2016 (SCHEDULE HERE)

  • Kids’ Club 1 (age 7-11)/ Mon. and/or Wed. 3:30-5pm Or Sat 3:30-5:00pm (new students)
  • Kids’ Club 2 (age 7-11)/ Tue. and/or Fri. 3:30-5pm Or Sat. 1:30-3pm (returning students)
  • Tuition fees: $TT 750 (1 day/week) |  $TT 1,200 (2 days/week)