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We are pleased to invite you to our OPEN DAY on April 18th 2015 from 10am-3pm which is the beginning of our new term as well. You will discover everything that the Alliance has to offer.
We’ll have a booth where you can show your support to the Alliance with our “Be the faces of the Alliance Française” campaign.
When you come on Saturday, you’ll get a chance to win a few prizes including Free tuition for one term, Alliance Polos & T-shirts,…
If you are interested in having French lunch, please get your tickets in advance by Thursday 16th April 12 noon. (Roast Beef / Charbroiled Garlic Chicken / Baked Fish in Beurre Blanc + Pommes de terre à la Lyonnaise + Herb Rice Pilaf + Fresh Green Salad with Crouton $50) 
After lunch, take part in our Pétanque competition from 1:30pm.
Hope to see you on Saturday 18th April, don’t forget to tell your friends and family!
More info, call 622-6119


Come enjoy LES AMBITIONS D’AGLAÉ  Comédie de Dominique VILBERT performed by UWI undergraduate language students. It is free and you can bring your own bottle while enjoying the play.

Aglaé is a young sales representative for a vacuum cleaner company. She will secure her first sale at the home of two sisters, simple villagers, who have just acquired a house from their great uncle which had been uninhabited for years. Dust, soot and garbage are heaped up for the demonstration of the extraordinary machine. Alas!!! Just as she was about to distinguish herself, Aglaé had neglected to inquire about a small detail: ensure that the house has electricity!

What is going to happen to poor Aglaé?

THEATRE EN FRANCAIS3Aglaé est démonstratrice dans une maison d’aspirateurs. Elle va réussir sa première affaire chez deux sœurs, braves villageoises, qui viennent de faire l’acquisition de la maison de leur grand oncle, inhabitée depuis des années. On entasse poussières, suie et détritus pour la démonstration de l’engin merveilleux. Hélas !!! Au moment de se distinguer, Aglaé avait négligé de s’informer d’un petit détail : s’assurer que la maison avait l’électricité !

Que va-t-il arriver à notre pauvre Aglaé ?

APRIL 23, 2015 6pm FREE 

RSVP recommended, email at or call 622-6119