Kreyol Month 2020

The Alliance Française is glad to share the second episode of its patois month online serie : Vini manjé !

The Alliance française and the French Embassy once again teamed up on Monday October 19th to pay a glowing tribute to Creole culture. This year, Caribbean cuisine and its colourful and enchanting flavours, which make it a veritable explosion of culinary poetry, were in the spotlight as part of International Creole Culture Month.

Caroline Lavroff, wife of the French Ambassador to T&T, opened the doors of the Residence to influencer and radio personailty from 95.1 Remix Radio, DJ Dani (Danielle Parkinson), and Impact Media as part of a documentary inviting the public to an online tasting session. Chef Sean Lai Leung himself was in the Residence’s kitchen to whip up a few ancestral recipes that he kindly shared with us.

Both sweet and spicy, rich and inspiring, in the image of the Caribbean arts and music that have given this part of the world its reputation, creole cuisine seduces, invites you to travel, dream and forget the passing of time. After these long months of anxiety and tension imposed by COVID, it offers us a real return to life. Its sensual and spicy aromas have seduced us. Caroline and DJ Danny have revealed part of the mystery of this endearing creole cuisine, now it’s up to us to discover the rest.DJ Dani and the Impact Media team pose with Mr. and Mrs. Lavroff and the Director of the Alliance Française and her assistant

On the menu for this tasting session were several local specialities and emblematic dishes such as curry goat, oxtail soup, and meat pelau and an exceptional range of drinks and desserts typical of this region. France, the land of gastronomy, could not fail to share and appreciate such a culinary experience.Selection of creole drinks and sweets

The filming had been preceded a few days earlier by a presentation on the TV channel TV6 aired during its Morning Edition, the peak viewing time in Trinidad and Tobago (accessible at the following link: An online interview with Professor Nnamdi Hodge, who teaches Creole at the Alliance française, with Caroline Lavroff and Alexandra Mengué, Director of the Alliance Française of Port of Spain, was conducted on this occasion.

Many thanks to everyone for this Creole Day, especially Caroline Lavroff, Danielle Parkinson, Alexandra Mengué, her assistant Lola Pradeilles and the Alliance Française team, as well as Chef Sean Lai Leung and the Impact Media crew (Vincent O’Neil, Isaiah Mc Clean and Vishnu Perai) for their participation in this moment dedicated to Caribbean cuisine and culture. The photos were taken by Gerard-Paul Wanliss.Caroline Lavroff (right) et DJ Dani share a toast.

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