Mois du Kréyol / Patois 2019

[The Creole Intangible Heritage between tradition and modernity]

Since 1983, October has been considered as the “International Month of Creole”. A whole month with activities throughout France and its overseas territories but also throughout the world.

At the initiative of Seychelles and Dominica, 28th of October has been designated as the international day to celebrate the Creole language and its cultures.

In Trinidad and Tobago, the Patois Month is once again this year offering an ever richer programme, and in even more places!

The Alliance Française in partnership with the French Association Difé Kako chose the Sunday 28th, October to join this cultural festival alongside the Department of Modern Languages & Linguistics – DMLL – at UWI, St Augustine  and various partners in order to establish a living parallel between language and culture, dance, music, and linguistic.

Part of the national calendar of the month of Patois, this day will be offering multidisciplinary activities questioning the differences and similarities between the Creole cultures of the French West Indies and those of Trinidad and Tobago. As part of a broader national program, we invite all Patois speakers and amateurs to participate in the many theatrical performances, dances, screening, round tables and other workshops in all disciplines offered throughout the month.

The Programme at the Alliance will be as followed:

2:00 pm – Welcome Remarks by the Ambassador of France in Trinidad and Tobago – Ambassade de France à Port d’Espagne and well-known journalist Audrey Pulvar

2:15 pm – Percussions performance by @ujamaa.ambatana

3:00 pm – Screening of the short documentary “Gwoka-la Linèsko, jou mèkrédi-lasa” about the entry of GwoKa to UNESCO World Heritage by Rèpriz, Centre des Musiques et Danses Traditionnelles et Populaires

3:45 pm – Bélé Dance Workshop by Gregor Breedy & Emelda Lynch-Griffith from the National Dance Association of Trinidad and Tobago

4:30 pm – Round-Table “Patois/Kréyol in the Caribbean” with Dr Jo-Anne S. Ferreira , Michelle Mora, Nnamdi Hodge & Claudette Sinnette.

1- The Linguistic Landscape of Trinidad and Tobago: The Influence of French and French Creole
2-The Ties that Bind: French and French Creole in Christmas Songs
3 – Starting with the Young: Kréyol in the Primary School System
4 – French Creole: The Bridge for Trinidadian English/Creole Speakers Learning French

Moderator : Florence Louis-Edouard

5:30 pm – Créole cocktail

Admission : 50TTD / 20TTD for members and students

We hope to see you all this Sunday !

Vin vwé nou !

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