We are pleased to invite you to our OPEN DAY on April 18th 2015 from 10am-3pm which is the beginning of our new term as well. You will discover everything that the Alliance has to offer.
We’ll have a booth where you can show your support to the Alliance with our “Be the faces of the Alliance Française” campaign.
When you come on Saturday, you’ll get a chance to win a few prizes including Free tuition for one term, Alliance Polos & T-shirts,…
If you are interested in having French lunch, please get your tickets in advance by Thursday 16th April 12 noon. (Roast Beef / Charbroiled Garlic Chicken / Baked Fish in Beurre Blanc + Pommes de terre à la Lyonnaise + Herb Rice Pilaf + Fresh Green Salad with Crouton $50) 
After lunch, take part in our Pétanque competition from 1:30pm.
Hope to see you on Saturday 18th April, don’t forget to tell your friends and family!
More info, call 622-6119